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1/7/18 Episode 83: The Wizard of Gore (1970)

Listen to the Let's Watch A Full-Length Movie on YouTube podcast and watch The Wizard of Gore (1970), aka Ew, Gross, Grandpa!, embedded above, at the same time. Start with the podcast. Click here to launch the podcast in separate browser tab.

No disrespect to the guy (he passed away in 2016 at age 90), but the hell with Hershell Gordon Lewis. I've read tons about the cult horror movie director (especially in RE/SEARCH #10: Incredibly Strange Films), and he comes across half-salesman, half-Sam Fuller. Then I watched his films and...blech. It's not the viscera or the gore that sickens me, it's the fact women have to keep bits of "gore" in their mouths until they dibble it out during their death scenes. Doesn't look fun.

Carl considers The Wizard of Gore (1970) a good bad bad movie, and it is.The range of bad acting on the lead actor is so expansive, it would make Diamanda Galás jealous. And the ending, which you just skip to, is truly a classic in muddled bullshit.

Montag the Magician has a live show (with a sign on an easel onstage). His act consists of maiming female volunteers. He (as Carl would say) "whammy jammies" the audience and victim into believe that Montag is not really pulling the brain out of a hole of blonde woman's head. But he is, much to the chagrin of local newscasters who return to Montag's show nightly. Then the newscasters have him perform on live TV. These newscasters are idiots. Fuck this movie.

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