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3/5/17 Episode 39: Loose Screws (1985)

Listen to Let's Watch A Full-Length Movie on YouTube and watch Screwballs II  aka Loose Screws (1985), embedded above, at the same time. Start with the podcast. Click here to launch podcast in a separate browser.

I fucked up right out of the gate with this podcast. I fucked up the name of our guest, even though, as Los Angeles comedian Scott Kidd (DromeTVputs it, "it's only two syllables." I fucked up the movie selection, playing Loose Screws (1985) when in fact I wanted to watch Screwballs (1983). And, later, I mistook Gimme A F (1984) for Up The Creek (1984) .

But if you think I'm a fuck up, you should meet the gang from Loose Screws. If you've seen Screwballs, you've already have. Psychotronic Video Guide describes Screwballs as "this stupid Porky's rip-off set in the 60s," while Loose Screws is "this stupid teen comedy, a sequel to Screwballs." (VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever also calls Loose Screws "this stupid sequel to Screwballs.") This stupid sequel is set in the present day, with break dancing and portable video cameras (more on those later). Character names change, Howie Bates becomes Hugh G. Rection, Melvin Jerkovski is now Marvin Eatmore.

The movie plays like an endless riff of the girl's locker room scene from Porky's (1981). Guys want to watch naked women. Guys hatch scheme. Women get naked. Guys ogle women. For example, the nerd creates a formula that dissolves bathing suits. Nerd pours it into girls' swimming pool. Bathing suits dissolve and women get naked. Marvin swims deep in the pool, looking up at the women. As Scott puts it: "Or, you can just talk to a woman."

The final half hour the film gives up, presenting numerous stage shows. The guys go onstage and  spray whipped cream on naked women. A woman strips onstage during the summer school's anniversary show (?). It's very dream-like, to the point, I thought I was watching my life flashing before my eyes and my life was just topless scenes from Loose Screws.

Oh, and the kid with the video camera videotaping topless women? That's us, the audience.

It was the first time Scott Kidd and I met, and he was the perfect guest. Check out his show, Jack Jimminy: Porn Extra.

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