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12/25/16 Episode 29: Movies Released on Christmas Day

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After spending Christmas Day with their families, Americans flee to a darkened movie theater, to sit alone. Hollywood exploits this by releasing not-its-finest on December 25th. That makes Christmas Day a special day for Bad Movie Fans.

Host Mike Spiegelman and fellow #BadMovieNight-er Ira Emsig spend Christmas Day watching 39 trailers of such movies. Are these prestige literary adaptions stuffed with famous actors any good? (No,) What about films for children? (No.)  Or the three hour vanity projects? (No.)

May you listen to this holiday podcast every year. The list is intentionally imcomplete so we can do another episode like this next Christmas. (That's why Marley and Me isn't on this list.)

12/18/16 Episode 28: The Big Brawl (1980)

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Once upon a time in America - the 1930s, say, even though it seems like the 1890s or present day at times - a young man gets forced to compete in a savage pier-side rollerskating race.  Afterwards, he must fight in the Battle Creek Brawl. Maybe it's the Brawl Creek Battle, doesn't matter, all I can say is, it was a Big Brawl.

That's the plot to Jackie Chan's first American movie. It bombed. Comedian Hatch saw it in the theaters back in the ninth grade and points out to host Mike Spiegelman how Jackie had to act like Bruce Lee. Young Jackie would rather goof off and do theatrical stunts. Thanks, Jackie!

No outtakes during the end credits, so I guess nobody got hurt!

12/11/16 Episode 27: O.C. and Stiggs (1985)

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People love an artistic comeback, except for the limbo that precedes it. There's no better example than O.C. and Stiggs (1985). It's unclear what's going on, let alone why pre-comeback Robert Altman directed it and pre-comeback Dennis Hopper, Melvin Van Peebles, Jane Curtain, Bob Uecker, and King Sunny Adé acted in it.

The only straight-to-video National Lampoon movie based on a story from the magazine, O.C. and Stiggs centers on two young lower middle class white sociopaths who torment an upper middle class white family with pranks and lobster theft under the soft blue skies of Arizona.

Join Mike Spiegelman (Hamlet) and Carl Haupt (Hamlet's dad) as they watch the greatest "good bad bad" movie out there. This episode is the second of our series devoted to National Lampoon movies. We covered Class Reunion and Movie Madness (both '82) previously.
National Lampoon had a comeback of its own with National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) then tanked it with The Joy of Sex (1984) and the syndicated television news parody National Lampoon's Hot Flashes. National Lampoon follow up with the first sequel to Vacation and the stage show, National Lampoon's Class of '86. Clips can be found after the break. 

12/04/16 Episode 26: National Lampoon's Class Reunion and National Lampoon Goes to the Movies (both 1982)

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To paraphrase the theme song to National Lampoon's Going to the Movies (1982), Mike Spiegelman and Carl Haupt are ♫ going to the movies, double feature!

Isn't it crazy there's never been a true sequel to National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)? Here's one of the biggest money-making R-rated comedies of all time and there's no sequel or reboot or straight-to-DVD series. I mean the last big R-rated comedy gave us The Hangover, Parts 2 and 3.

It's not like the movie producers didn't try. A family-friendly television spin-off without John Belushi aired briefly on ABC in 1979.  An HBO special, National Lampoon's Disco Beaver from Outer Space, also aired (obviously) during the late 70s. Lampoon almost made the sequel to Jaws 2 as a comedy called Jaws 3, People 0. But, no movie.

The drought ended in 1982 with the releases of National Lampoon's Class Reunion (aka Class Reunion) and National Lampoon Goes to the Movies (aka National Lampoon's Movie Madness). Unlike the satire Animal House, these films were set up as film genre parodies. Movie Madness plays like a themed issue of National Lampoon and shares the same format as the similar Movie Movie (1978). claims Movie Madness played in theaters, but I seriously doubt it. 

(Movie Madness, Disco Beaver and the sit-com Delta House are embedded after the break.)

John Hughes wrote the screenplay, and it helped him go from a Lampoon short story writer to a movie god. On this podcast, special co-host Carl Haupt tells host Mike Spiegelman how much Hughes hated the film and how the crew resented him for that.

This is the first episode of our series about National Lampoon movies. Next episode continues the series with O.C. And Stiggs (1987), based on a single issue of National Lampoon and directed by the late Robert Altman.