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07/31/16 Episode 9: Wired (1989)

Yes, I saw this in the theater. In fact, that movie house closed shortly afterwards.

Based on the 1985 bio of a 1982 celebrity overdose, this 1989 movie is the very definition of "too soon! too soon!"

Even if friends and family of the late John Belushi had authorized this movie (which they most certainly did not), it would still be a train wreck.

Liberties were added. There's a guardian angel and a deathbed conversation between Belushi and Wired author Bob Woodward (they never met IRL). Ugh, and the sketches he does, come back, The Whitest Kids U' Know, all is forgiven!

SF Barkast podcaster Jeff Cleary guest co-hosts.

Click here to launch podcast in a separate tab. Play the podcast while watching the movie.

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