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06/19/16 Episode 3: Queen Kong (1976)

Pam Benjamin (Mutiny Radio big wig) and host Mike Spiegelman unlocks the time capsule known as Queen Kong. This 1976 feminist UK comedy spoofs Jaws, Airport '75, the Queen's Silver Jubilee (I guess) and, of course, King Kong (1933), just in time for the 1977 remake. The movie recreates iconic scenes of the original, but with cheaper paper mache costumes.

Michael J. Weldon writes in The Psychotrinic Video Guide:
Yes, this is a real movie, made to cash in on the Dino De Laurentiss remake, He sued, though, and won.
Michael J. Spiegelman says, in the podcast: "You can see the rips on the green screen."

Click to launch podcast in separate tab. Show starts at 2:00. Last half hour is Mutiny Radio audio.

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