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4/29/18 Episode 99: Dance Hall Racket (1953)

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The legacy of comedian Lenny Bruce has shaped future generations, but what about the past generations that influenced Bruce? As co-writer (and actor) of Dance Hall Racket (1953), Bruce presents an aspect of his past - the dance hall - where men buy tickets to dance with sexy ladies. One patron hoards tickets so he can have all the girls to himself. A dancer steals money and that's the plot, I think.

Lenny's not the comic relief, he gives himself a tough guy role. The humor, and again, it feels like the humor that influenced Bruce, comes from Punchy, a drunk whose lengthy bar bets gains him free drinks. Rounding out the cast is Bruce's real-life outspoken mother and his burlesque dancer wife.

Any nudity got sniped out of the print. Probably a projectionist from 1953 has the footage in his bedroom.

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