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10/22/17 Episode 72: What Do You Say To A Naked Lady? (1970)

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Candid Camera was (is!) a television juggernaut, omnipresent on both syndicated and prime-time television. It follows this formula: an unsuspecting bystander deals with outrageous behavior from a person or object; bystander reacts in a manner emotionally relatable to a television audience; prank and host are revealed; host tells bystander, "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!"; bystander reacts. This formula hasn't changed since its premiere in 1948.

The TV show began as a radio show called Candid Microphone, which is crazy to me since Camera is extremely visual. But that's even crazier is the theatrically-released X-rated movie version of Candid Camera called What Do You Say To A Naked Lady? (1970). Now, full-frontal nudity (ladies and gent) is added to its concocted scenarios designed to illicit mawkish reactions. My favorite is during the title prank, when one businessman offers the naked lady his coat.

The late Allan Hunt, creator and host of the radio, TV, and X-rated movie versions of Candid Camera, can't leave voyeurism alone. This is the only movie I've seen that includes footage of the test screening of the movie into the movie. Ultimately, it gives the film a structure, along with titled segments and original songs.

Oh, the songs! The talkative, narrative songs that explains what's going on! My second least favorite song from WDYSTANL? is about a tailor who touches the heinies of his customers; that song sounds derivative to Fiddler on the Roof, because, I'm imagining, all tailors are Jewish.

That leaves us to the humorous "rape" segment, where we watch a scripted scene of a camera crew filming a man making unwelcome advances to a woman in bed, interspersed with men leering at women. The accompanying song is done in the old-timey crooning style.

After the break, Joe Piscopo's classic Candid Radio bit.

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