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8/27/17 Episode 64: Alien Private Eye (1987)

Listen to Let's Watch A Full-Length Movie on YouTube podcast and watch Alien Private Eye (1987), aka Space Dick, embedded above, at the same time.  Start with the podcast. Click here to launch podcast in a separate browser.

Update: The full podcast has been posted. 

Alien Private Eye (1987): He keeps his Fedora on during sex, because, 1) it hides his alien ears; and, 2) he's a Private Eye. One actor does a Peter Lorre impersonation throughout. Fight scenes are great. A.P.I. kicks a baddie in the head, causing baddie to fly into the next room. One baddie jumps back like he was shot by a laser but the laser special effect was never added to the finished film. Oh, and the blinds in his detective office light his room like it's a film noir movie.

Thanks to my brother Adam of the Proudly Resents Podcast for recommending this movie.

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