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7/30/17 Episode 60: "Give My Regards to Broad Street" (1984)

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My brother Adam and I once convinced our father to take us to the New York City premiere of Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982). At the end of the film, he said to us, "Jesus Christ, why didn't that guy just fucking kill himself?"

Not sure if my late father would have the same sentiment for the hero of Give My Regards of Broad Street (1984), Paul McCartney's own rock star "day in the life" comedy. It plays as an opposite to The Wall. Whereas poor Pink gets consumed by shallow nihilism, Paul is just shallow. Pink lost his working-class father in the war, Paul is an evergreen rich Brit fondly remembering dancehall days.

Someone stole Paul's master tapes! If they don't find it by the end of the movie, the record company goes under! But, it was just a dream (spoiler!), and Paul enters Abbey Road Studios. The end. Play the video game (shown after the break).

Co-host Carl points out Every Important Musician who shows up and jams with Macca and later we rate who is the biggest asshole from the Beatles. #3 might surprise you! (It's Paul.)

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