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5/28/17 Episode 51: This Is America Part 2 (1977)

Listen to Let's Watch A Full-Length Movie on YouTube podcast and watch This is America Part II (1977, 1978 or 1980), embedded above, at the same time. Start with the podcast. Click here to launch podcast in a separate browser.

Times Square is featured a lot in this #fakenews documentary of Seventies America. There's sex club Plato's Retreat and a "bounty hunter" asking 42nd Street hookers if they see this guy? Dis guy in the photo? Pre-Giuliani Time Square would had loved to screen This is America Part II. Travis Bickle would have to take his date to this movie. Clocking in at one hour and forty five minutes, the documentary offers nothing for nobody, because nobody wants to watch fake footage of a dog bordello or Maine kids eating worms.

Look for Ron Jeremy in the "Chicago" topless car wash. Movie begins with Jello Biafra running for San Francisco mayor.

Full disclosure: Special guest Hatch and I only watch the first 90 minutes.

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