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5/7/17 Episode 48: Oh Heavenly Dog (1980)

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Benji makes for one pitiful, needy Hollywood dog. He's too fragile to save Timmy in the well,  too low-class to hang out with Frasier and Niles, yet is too kind and caring to spray water all over Charles Grodin's bed. He is as helpless as an infant, and wants your love. For the love of Benji, love Benji! In return, he will do anything to help you, even to the point of being an empty vessel for your soul.

That's right, years before A Dog's Purpose (2017) made canine reincarnation popular, Benji did it. He didn't reincarnate himself from one dog body to the next, but hosted the spirit of recently murdered private eye (Chevy Chase) so the detective can solve his own murder. Oh, heavenly God, its Oh, Heavenly Dog (1980).

Directed with flair by Joe Camp, the movie still loses momentum every time the two stars appear onscreen because, well, they don't technically appear onscreen. Benji is there, but we only hear Chevy. It comes off as bait and switch to promise audiences one of the biggest movie stars of the time, and majority of the film we only hear him.

Sound quality on this podcast gets shoddy, co-host Carl sounds like he's in the bathtub with Jane Seymour. 

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