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4/2/17 Episode 43: Breakfast of Champions (1999)

Listen to Let's Watch a Full-Length Movie on YouTube while watching Breakfast of Champions (1999). Start with the podcast. Since embedding of the movie has been disabled, please enjoy this multi-part musical "story" of Bruce Willis' other vanity project, Hudson Hawk (1991).

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There have been four movie adaptations of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. novels (I'm not including television specials and plays). The two decent ones, Mother Night (1996) and Slaughterhouse-Five (1972) are grounded in the horrors of World War II. As for the other two, well, one's the terrible Jerry Lewis film Slapstick (of Another Kind) (1982) (see LWAFLMOYT Episode 10, with my brudder) and the other is the terrible Bruce Willis film, Breakfast of Champions (1999).

It would be a Cop Out to call Breakfast of Champions the worst movie Bruce Willis ever made. It's the worst movie adaption of a Vonnegut novel ever made, too. The novel had the author narrating and doodling a shaggy dog story about his recurring characters bouncing inside a vacuum. Half the book is Vonnegut talking to himself. The title is a copyrighted slogan for cereal. None of it's filmable. So how did director Alan Rudolph's movie adaption of an unfilmable novel do?

"Breakfast of Champions is unwatchable," began Owen Gleiberman's review in Entertainment WeeklyI wanted a second opinion so I'm joined by film critic and comedian Vince Manici (FilmDrunk, Frotcast podcast). Vince points out that in a bad indie film, every character is quirky. He also shit-talks Nick Nolte's three-piece suit.

More Hudson Hawk after the break.

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