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3/19/17 Episode 41: Troll (1986)

Listen to Let's Watch A Full-Length Movie on YouTube and watch  Troll (1986), aka Troll 1, embedded above, at the same time. Start with the podcast. Click here to launch podcast in a separate browser.

Troll 2 (1990) is considered the "best worst movie," at least according to the documentary Best Worst Movie (2009). I haven't seen either, but I have seen the first Troll (1986). It's so charming and well-cast. It has the mom from Lassie, an angel from Charlie's Angels, Sonny from Sonny and Cher, SNL power couple Brad Hall and Julie Louis-Dreyfus, and a lost and confused Michael Moriarty. The horror comedy is part of the so-called PuppetCore movement that brought us such puppet-as-monster movie franchises like Gremlins, Ghoulies, Critters, House, and, as co-host Howard Stone insists, Tremors. Also, I made up the term PuppetCore.

A family moves into a San Francisco apartment (movie was shot in Italy) and their daughter immediately gets possessed by a troll. Sorta like Inside Out but the daughter gets immediately possessed by a troll.

Last ten minutes of Troll is after the break.

Check out my brother Adam Spiegelman interviewing Troll 2 cast member George Hardy on Adam's podcast, Proudly Resents .

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