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01/15/16 Episode 32: Evel Knievel (1971)

Listen to Let's Watch A Full-Length Movie on YouTube and watch Evel Knievel (1971), embedded above, at the same time. Start with the podcast. Click here to launch podcast in a separate browser.

Before becoming the President of the United States, Donald Trump used to jump his motorcycle over parked cars under the stage name "Evel Knievel."  I'd believe that than anything occurring in this 1971 theatrically released biopic on stuntman Evel Knievel, portrayed by George Hamilton. As co-host Carl brings up, the real Evel was in real life...what's the word for the opposite of good? Dude kidnapped his wife, twice, which the movie plays as cute. For his infamous Caesar's Palace jump, the movie cuts from George on a motorcycle, to a Hollywood stunt man on a motorcycle, to real footage of the actual Knievel hitting the pavement like a rag doll. That's Entertainment! No, wait, I meant to say that as a question: That's Entertainment?

Full disclosure: I think I fell asleep at one point.

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