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10/2/16 Episode 18: The Fantastic Four (1994)

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I first read about this movie in the October 1993 issue of  Film Threat magazine. It made the cover!

But, according to Michael J. Weldon, in his 1996 edition of The Psychotronic Video Guide:
The (very) low budget Roger Corman production was made because German executive producer Bernd Eichinger had to back a quick feature to retain the rights to the Marvel Comics characters. It was promoted, then shelved (bootlegs are available).
Related: Film Threat editor Chris Gore talks twice about that issue and more on my brother's podcast, Proudly Resents, once in 2011 and again in 2014.

Twenty years later, it's on YouTube!

Gamma rays give four superheroes four distinct powers, with no overlapping powers. The one supervillian wears a mask and that looks cool in the comic books, but stupid on film. Bulk of the movie is the origin story. The heroes don't get their outfits until one hour into the movie. When the genius bad guy and genius good guy finally confront each other, they have a fist fight.

This was the first of four Fantastic Four movies; five movies, if you count The Incredibles. Of course, I prefer the 2015 version.

Susan Maletta guest co-hosts. Audio comes out of one track, again. Issue with the station.

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