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9/25/16 Episode 17: Traxx (1988)

Watch Traxx, embedded above, and listen to the podcast at the same time. Click here to launch podcast in a separate browser.

Rare VHS oddity Traxx (1988) is on now YouTube!

Plot: Winsome mercenary cleans up town. Special podcast co-host: Jay Austin Graham.

This is the greatest movie ever. Best "good bad" movie you'll see. Take the Traxx challenge. Watch the first five minutes of Traxx and if the gunfight scene inside the Texan pet store isn't to your liking, then thank you for your time.

Still here? Great, welcome, new fan of Traxx! Go ahead and watch the rest of the movie. Now watch it again with the podcast (second week in a row the podcast is only coming out of one channel, wtf). Now listen to the star Shadoe Stevens talk about the movie and his career with my brother Adam on my brother's podcast, Proudly Resents. Then watch the movie again. And then, finally, listen to me, Adam and fellow #BadMovieNight-er Jim Fourniadis talk Traxx on Proudly Resents back in 2014.

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