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9/18/16 Episode 16: Terminal Bliss (1990)

Watch Terminal Bliss, embedded above, and listen to the podcast at the same time. Click here to launch podcast in a separate browser.

"Are they speaking French?" - Host Mike Spiegelman, forty minutes into the podcast.

Movie has a rape scene.
Rapist is portrayed by Luke Perry.
Posted movie is dubbed in French.
Audio of podcast is jacked, only plays through right track.
Spiegelman and special co-host Carl Haupt didn't realize the late Alexeis Arquette co-stars, let alone the small appearances from Sandra Bollock and Brian Cox.
Carl Haupt co-hosts.
(JK, Carl.)

Carl Haupt wrote and performed our theme song and called me from New Jersey, We knew someone in high school who wrote and directed his own movie. His name is Jordan Alan and this is his movie.

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