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08/28/16 Episode 13: Go Ask Alice (1973) and The Telephone Book (1971)

Watch Go Ask Alice, embedded above, and listen to the podcast at the same time. Click here to launch podcast in a separate browser.

The great Susan Maletta co-hosts with Mike Spiegelman.

This episode is another heady double feature of sex and drugs, this time courtesy of the 1970s. Adapted from the most dubious journal since the Hitler's diaries, the TV movie Go Ask Alice allegedly recounted the time a teenager took too much acid. She burns all fingers and what about the baby?!?

Later, we discover a genuine X-Rated movie on YouTube from 1971. The Telephone Book, posted after the break, features a younger William Hickey, Warhol Factory superstars, telephone booths  and tons of male and female nudity. Like all X Rated movies, I think I only made it through the first 12 minutes.

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